Bookie Services

Need bookie services? You are at the right place and at the right time. Start with a free three weeks trial and experience the best Sportbook, Horse Racing and Casino software. Once you are fully on board you only have to pay $10 per week and become an industry leader with an edge over your players and several reports that will help you out on the process and beyond.

Among key features you will be able to have control over (1) Player Management, (2) Balances and Player Totals, (3) Payments Manager, (4) Open Bets and Bet Ticker, (5) Agents Exposure, (6) Financial Reports and (7) Custom Lines.

(1) Set individual player profiles and control their credit limit, wager balance, maximum wagers, money at risk, recent and prefer activity. You will be able to connect with each individual player through an online messaging system.

(2) You will know 100% of the time how many players are active, their total wagers, wins, loses and volumes. Broken down by sports, horses or casino you can review their entire lifetime action.

(3) If a player made a payment to you but not a full balance deposit, you can keep track on how much the player owes you entering the numbers into the system.

(4) Get know what is happening, when is happening. See incoming wagers and the players who are wagering in real time, also the time the wager was taken and some other important details.

(5) Know your exposure by breaking down what you are risking play by play. You can determine it by sports or by individual players.

(6) See how the money gets in and how the money gets out with different and necessary financial tools. Establish a solid base with some financial order.

(7) Understand your players and set custom lines for them. The money line, over/under can be reset at any time and you can change the odds for better conditions.

Everything will lead you to the opportunity to offer your clients the best gaming site, both on a computer and a mobile device, with the best online conditions of the entire market.

Remember you only pay per active customer, that’s the best part of the bookie services deal. Please contact ss to ask for more details or to talk about any problems or concerns you may have, our customer service staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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